2020 Poster Presentation

2020 PEER Annual Meeting Poster Presentations

NamePoster TitleInstitution
Saman Abdullah Updated Provisions for Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Concrete Wall Buildings UC Los Angeles
Robel Alemayehu Finite Element and Experimental Study of Deep Beam to Column Connection under Cyclic Load Korea University
Jorge Archbold Performance-Based Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Frames with Unreinforced Masonry Infill Walls UC Berkeley
Christopher Bain Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Assessment Tool for Natural Gas Storage and Pipeline Systems UC Berkeley
Long Chen Effect of Spatial Variability on Liquefaction University of Washington
Chrystal Chern Human-Machine Collaboration Framework for Bridge Health Monitoring UC Berkeley
Euihyun Choi Performance Based Earthquake Engineering Design Optimization of Buildings UC Berkeley
Rodrigo Costa Post-Earthquake Housing Recovery and Population Displacements in Vancouver, CA Stanford University
Angshuman Deb Improved Probabilistic Seismic Performance Assessment Framework for Ordinary Standard Bridges UC San Diego
Arturo Dominguez
Seismic Perfomance of Tiny Homes San Francisco State
Vanessa Duran Structural Models for Soil Structure Interaction Experimental Testing San Francisco State
Wael Elhaddad NHERI SimCenter: Regional Simulation of Anchorage M7.1 Earthquake using rWHALE UC Berkeley
Jawad Fayaz Validation of Physics-based Simulated Ground Motions for Bridge Performance Assessment UC Irvine
Yuqing Gao Visualizing and Understanding Deep Convolutional Neural Network in Image-based Structural Health Monitoring UC Berkeley
Michael Gardner NHERI SimCenter: Surrogate Model Development for Rock Slope Failures in SimCenter Framework University of Nevada, Reno
Tatiana Gospe Supplementing Shear Wave Velocity Profile Database with Microtremor-Based H/V Spectral Ratios UC Los Angeles
Hamed Hasani Experimental Seismic Test of Drywall Partition Walls with Improved Detailing for Damage Reduction University of Nevada, Reno
Ahmad Hassan Seismic Performance of Column Base Connections in Steel Moment Frames: Experimental and Behavioral Insights UC Davis
Kenneth Hudson Disagreements in Liquefaction Susceptibility Criteria of Fine-Grained Soils and Implications for Design UC Los Angeles
Anne Hulsey Framework to Assess Community Recovery by Incorporating Access Restrictions Due to Safety Cordons Stanford University
Omar Issa Comparing the Seismic Collapse Performance of Cantilever Column and Moment Frame Retrofits for Wood Frame Structures Using Los Angeles Soft-Story Basic Ordinance Guidelines UC Los Angeles
Milad Jahed Orang Large Scale Shake Table Experiment on the Efficiency of Using Helical Piles in Liquefiable Ground University of Nevada, Reno
Ioanna Kavvada Optimal Allocation of Earthquake Risk Mitigation Investments in Buildings UC Berkeley
Chenglong Li Improvement on Bay Area Rail Transit (BART) Earthquake Emergency Plan UC Berkeley
Walker Maddalozzo Post-earthquake Fire Performance of Industrial Facilities Oregon State University
Daniele Malomo Blind Prediction Modeling of the Dynamic Response of a Rocking Podium Structure Subjected to Biaxial Shake-Table Test UC Berkeley
Amory Martin Structural Topology Optimization for Seismic Dynamic Excitation using Modal Decomposition Stanford University
Mamun Miah Building Response from Near-Field Synthetic Ground Motions Using High-Performance Computing Simulations Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Mauro Poliotti Frame Element with Total Sectional Interaction for Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) Barcelone, Spain
Renmin Pretell Vs Randomization towards Capturing 2D Effects in 1D Site Response Analyses UC Davis
David Rivera Experimental and Numerical Analysis of a Strongback Frame as a Retrofit of a Moment-Resisting Frame Oregon State University
Wenyong Rong Seismic Compression of Unsaturated Soils UC San Diego
Brandon Schiller Quantifying the Performance of Retrofit of Cripple Walls and Sill Anchorage in Single Family Wood Frame Dwellings - Experimental Testing UC San Diego
Abhimanyu Singh Mapping and Assessing Different Cracks Widths, Deformations, and Damage on
Non-Seismically Detailed Coupling Beams Subjected to Inelastic Demands under Wind and Seismic Loading using Digital Image Correlation
UC Los Angeles
Alicia Yi-Ting Tsai Natural Language Processing and Text Analytics for Earthquake Reconnaissance UC Berkeley
Anurag Upadhyay Seismic Performance Assessment of Bridges with Post-Tensioned Concrete Column Bents University of Utah
Chaofeng Wang Detecting Building Vulnerabilities to Natural Hazards at Large Scale using Deep Learning UC Berkeley
Hexiang Wang Time Domain Intrusive Framework for Probabilistic Seismic Risk Analysis UC Davis
David Welch Quantifying the Performance of Retrofit of Cripple Walls and Sill Anchorage in Single Family Wood Frame Dwellings - Numerical Studies Stanford University
Yingjie Wu System Level Performance Evaluation of New Designs of Bridge Bents Using Hybrid Simulation

UC Berkeley

Han Yang Modeling of Seismic Energy Balance in Earthquake Soil Structure Interaction (ESSI) Response UC Davis
Chiyun Zhong Finite Element Analysis of the Seismic Response of a Rocking Podium Structure University of Toronto
Kuanshi Zhong Performance-Based Engineering in Risk-Targeted Seismic Design of Geographically Distributed Highway Bridge Systems Stanford University
Jin Zhou Collapse Fragility of Reinforced Concrete Moment Frame Building under Pulse-Like Ground Motions UC Davis
Adam Zsarnoczay NHERI SimCenter - Regional Hazard Workflow Stanford University