Full Program

Thursday, January 18, 2024
Day 1 Technology Components for Regional Simulations



8:00-8:30 Registration / Breakfast

Welcome and DOE program Objectives
PEER Welcome - Khalid Mosalam, PEER (pdf, video)
DOE Interests for energy systems and action items from the PEER June 2021 Pacific Rim International Forum - David McCallen, LBNL
(pdf, video)
DOE CESER program on energy systems- Joseph Dygert, CESER (pdf, video)


S1 - Earthquake source characterization - Arben Pitarka, Moderator

  1. History and current status of rupture modeling - Martin Mai (pdf, video)
  2. Recent developments in kinematic rupture modeling - Robert Graves (pdf, video)
  3. Using sets of realizations of kinematic slip distributions along the Marmara Sea fault to produce site-specific ground motion models of Istanbul - Roberto Paolucci (pdf, video)

Panel discussion - How many rupture realizations do we need to span the risk space? (Mai, Graves, Paolucci, Smerzini, Taborda, Bradley) (pdf, video)




S2 - Simulated motions validation and acceptance criteria for ground motion databases - Floriana Petrone, Moderator

  1. Towards the engineering utilization of BB-SPEEDset, a validated dataset of physics-based simulated accelerograms, from multiple seismic regions and faulting styles - Chiara Smerzini (pdf, video)
  2. The Southern California validation experience - Ricardo Taborda (pdf, video)
  3. The link between simulated ground motion intended use and necessary validation/acceptance criteria - Brendon Bradley (pdf, video)

    Q&A Session (video)
12:45-2:00 Lunch, discussion and posters


S3 - Representation of the near-surface geotechnical layer - Pedro Arduino, Moderator

  1. 1D site response using regional simulated motions - Brett Mauer (pdf, video)
  2. Nonlinear soil model inclusion in regional simulations - Ertugrul Taciroglu (pdf, video)
  3. Empirical models of site effects for simulated ground motions - Domniki Asimaki (pdf, video)

    Q&A Session (video)
3:20-3:35 Break

S4 - Simulated ground motion use cases I - David McCallen, Moderator

  1. Pacific Gas and Electric perspectives on energy systems - Albert Kottke (video)
  2. Southern California Edison perspectives on energy systems - Ken Hudnut (pdf, video)
  3. Application of simulated motions to nonlinear building analysis - Maha Kenawy (video)

    Q&A Session (video)

Friday, January 19, 2024
Day 2 Focus on the San Francisco Bay Area and the PEER-LBNL Database



8:00-8:30 Registration / Breakfast

S5 - Simulated ground motion use cases II  - Floriana Petrone, Moderator

  1. Evaluation of water distribution systems - Kenichi Soga (pdf, video)
  2. Implications of the use of physics-based simulations in the (Re)insurance sector - Marco Stupazzini (pdf, video)
  3. SimCenter tools for simulated ground motion utilization - Matt DeJong (pdf, video)

   Q&A Session (video)


S6 - The development of the SFBA regional geologic model and recent updates to the geotechnical layer - Rie Nakata, Moderator

  1. Historical basis for the USGS SFBA velocity model - Brad Aagaard (pdf, video)
  2. Recent SFBA community model updates - Evan Hirakawa (video)
  3. Evaluating the SFBA velocity structure through simulation comparisons to small SFBA earthquake data - Camilo Pinilla Ramos (pdf, video)




S7 - EQSIM regional framework and large Bay Area simulated earthquake datasets - Khalid Mosalam, Moderator

  1. EQSIM and SFBA large datasets - David McCallen (pdf, video)
  2. Hayward fault rupture model realizations - Arben Pitarka (pdf, video)
  3. EQSIM SFBA ground motion assessment and acceptance - Floriana Petrone (pdf, video)

    Q&A Session (video)

1:00-2:00 Lunch, discussion & poster discussion


S8 - PEER-LBNL simulated motion database - Amarnath Kasalanati, Moderator

  1. I/O storage and interrogation of large data - Houjun Tang (pdf, video)
  2. Familiar interface for NGA users - Khalid Mosalam (pdf, video) & Selim Günay (pdf, video)
  3. Schedule for data roll-out and beta users - Khalid Mosalam & Selim Günay (pdf, video)

3:20-3:35 Break

S9 - Community interactions - annual community stakeholder workshops

   Discussion  - Opportunities for system stakeholder, researcher and practitioner community feedback (video)