PEER Annual Meeting 2020 Wrap-up (2/4)

February 12, 2020

The PEER Annual Meeting 2020 with the theme of “The Future of Performance-Based Natural Hazards Engineering” was held on January 16 & 17, 2020. Please see the summary of first two plenaries here. The afternoon of Day 1 focused on Modeling & Simulation. Plenary 3 “Modeling of Distributed Systems” was moderated by Tom Shantz and featured presentations that looked beyond individual facilities to systems and regional scale applications. Bruce Johnson discussed State DOT Seismic Resiliency programs and Maha Kenawy presented on Regional Collapse Risk. Two complementary talks on resiliency by Jack Baker and Božidar Stojadinović focused on Regional Post-Earthquake Recovery and Interdependent Infrastructure Systems.

Plenary 4 was on “Simulation Platforms” moderated by Keri Ryan. Michael Scott put forward an argument for using Python to enhance simulation and Arthur Rodgers discussed the Future of Ground Motion Simulation. Sanjay Govindjee outlined the SimCenter Tools, and Jong Sung Lee provided details of IN-CORE.

After the session, the winners of Rocking Column Blind Prediction contest (Chiyun Zhong and Constantin Christopoulos) were announced. Subsequently, poster session featuring work of 45 students was held at the University Club at the California Memorial Stadium.

Most of the presentations and videos are uploaded here.

Tom Shantz, Caltrans, 2020 PEER Annual Meeting Moderator

Arthur Rodgers, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, 2020 PEER Annual Meeting Presenter

Blind Prediction Contest Winners: Chiyun Zhong and Constantin Christopoulos